Exclusive look at how AI and Machine Learning work at Apple

On July 30, 2014, Siri has had a brain transplant. Three years ago, Apple was the first major tech company to integrate a smart assistant into its operating system. Siri is a corporate adaptation of a standalone application they bought, with the team that created it, in 2010. The initial reviews were great, but for … Read more

The “Work from home” dream doesn’t work

Because as Brllnt’s co-founders will tell you, the value of the co-working space stems from one-on-one conversations with your colleagues. “As we scaled our business, we managed to expand our partnerships” with other companies, “Smalley said. “They gave us insight into the problems we faced later on.” Based on a survey Among colleagues, 84 percent … Read more

Where weird Facebook is king: How does a college kid work socially

January 2, 2015I wrote a viral post titled “A teenager’s perspective on social networks, ”In it I’ve analyzed popular apps and my thoughts on them. It has received over one million views. Many have asked me to write a follow-up post or at least an update. I haven’t felt a change drastically enough to warrant … Read more

We need technology to work for Trump

The day after Donald J. Trump elected President of the United States, celebrity investor and Shervin Pishevar co-founder of Hyperloop One said he resigned from the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Council, a political appointment he had received into 2015. In a letter to President Obama that he posted on Twitter, he wrote: “I cannot … Read more

The Xerox Conference of the 1970s predicted the future of work

In November 1977, about 300 executives and their wives flew from around the world on first-class tickets to spend four days in the sun at the Xerox World Conference. Between the men’s meetings and the fashion shows for wives, the visitors slept in luxurious rooms at the Boca Raton Club and Hotel, and attended cocktail … Read more

Inside the 23-dimensional world of your car painting work

Adalberto Gonzalez is possibly one of the best auto painters in Northern California. He doesn’t work on the sparkle and shine regime of California’s low-rider culture, and he rarely finds himself perfecting an exotic Italian car. Gonzalez, who goes by the nickname Coco, runs the paint department at Alameda Collision Repair, a high-quality shop that … Read more

8 sci-fi writers imagining the bold and new future of work

“In the early years In the 21st century, perhaps the most important art form is science fiction … [It shapes] how do people understand the most important economic, social and technological developments of our time. ” —Yuval Noah Harari, 21 lessons for the 21st century Half exists The human being, giving or receiving, is what … Read more