The Hollywood Attack | WIRED

In most companies when something goes wrong, they call their IT department. But perhaps companies would instead need computer security directors, specifically tasked with protecting their goods. “If your company is based on digital intellectual property, then you’d better have someone in charge of protecting that,” said Echemendia, because your company might disappear the next … Read more

Backchannel Art / Photography | WIRED

WIRED is where tomorrow comes to fruition. It is the essential source of information and ideas for an ever-changing world. The WIRED conversation sheds light on how technology is changing every aspect of our lives – from culture to business, to science to design. The breakthroughs and innovations we discover lead to new ways of … Read more

Car Talk | WIRED

Chat in the car Hello, Backchannelers. And happy new year! You’ll notice, I hope we’ve kept our promise by stepping away from CES to start the new year. And guess? Nothing happened! Other tech publications sent squadrons of fools to Las Vegas and delivered… little tidbits. We wrote about What is life as if you … Read more

The Line Tamers | WIRED

Moskowitz considers the system more or less fair, especially considering Disney’s cold capitalist nature. For Moskowitz, the Disney system that rewards the money first. (The company has been quite tight-lipped about its secret sauce; my pleas to Disney to tell me about the science that regulates the chain has come down.) After interrupting my call … Read more