Microsoft weaponized Minecraft in War Over Classroom

Microsoft Weaponizes Minecraft in War Over Classroom Two years after buying the hugely popular video game, Microsoft is using Minecraft to scramble for children’s brain space and school money. Subscribe Friday is our attempt to put news into context. Once a week, we’ll call out a recent headline, provide updates and explain why it’s important.Minecraft … Read more

How Fonts fueled the Cultural War

Typography is in development an open renaissance. Typography often tries to be invisible, but lately it has become a subtle marker for readers to notice and comment. Suddenly, people outside the design profession seemed interested in its many intricacies. Usually, this awareness focuses on execution. This year’s Oscars set visual hierarchy on map. XKCD readers … Read more

Can this phone unlocking system crack the crypto war?

Ozzie knew that his proposal jumped into the third rails of the crypto debate – many before he had hinted at a technical solution for special access that was greeted with words. Classifieds on social networks. So he decided to come up with his proposal quietly, showing Clear to a small audience under an unofficial … Read more

The Untold Story of Robert Mueller’s Time in the Vietnam War

Mueller quickly realized how difficult the platoon was. “That was the second biggest fire I have ever received in Vietnam,” Harris said. ‚ÄúLieutenant Mueller is directing traffic, locating people and calling for air strikes. He is standing upright, moving. He probably saved our hiding place. “ Cromwell, the wounded corporal who had just become a … Read more

The bike-sharing war is rocking Seattle like nowhere else

Healy, however, returned to driving for Uber. The bike does not stop JSCs have faced the biggest confrontation with the University of Washington. However, that change also leads to a viable solution that could help bicycles to coexist peacefully on busy city streets, in Seattle, and beyond. Tensions with the university’s Seattle campus first arose … Read more

Save lives with technology in the midst of Syria’s endless civil war

Murad came up with an idea: Start connecting civil defense organizations in different towns so they can better communicate about impending attacks. He mentioned the idea to Jaeger’s friend. Jaeger and Murad soon meet for coffee, and Jaeger offers him a job. It comes with low wages, long periods of time and no guaranteed jobs. … Read more

The AI-China Cold War threatens us all

A country that strategically and intelligently implements AI technologies throughout its workforce is likely to grow faster, even as it deals with disruptions AI could cause. out. Its cities will operate more efficiently, as driverless cars and smart infrastructure reduce congestion. Its largest businesses will have the best map of consumer behavior. Its people will … Read more

The Cold War Project pulled climate science off the ice

In 1966, when he heard about the completion of the furnace, he wrote Chet Langway a letter and offered to conduct a tape analysis. One of Dansgaard’s students would later say, “That letter is a birth certificate for ice core climate research.” Ice scientists are mindful detectives. At that time, Dansgaard was one of the … Read more