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“Uber opposes Portland (15652884204) ”| Photo source: Aaron Parecki | CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia CommonsGet past Uber My tribe – tech buffs, internet enthusiasts, conference speakers – are excited about Uber. I’m not. I know I’m swimming upstream here, but I’ll have to say: I don’t think Uber is a good idea for American … Read more

Can the Arcane crypto ledger replace Uber, Spotify, and AirBnB?

“Quite quickly,” recalls Barry, “this went from a vague, out of place idea to something being seriously talked about.” He started working with Consensys, an incubator for Ethereum-based projects – the most famous and perhaps the furthest, technically, on platforms trying to adopt the technology. Bitcoin is more widely used in addition to currency. Barry … Read more

How Otto challenged Nevada and netted a $ 680 million payout from Uber

But Otto was about to turn once again. The company no longer wants to test its trucks in Nevada, as they pointed out earlier. Instead, in July, it applied for the state’s first Autonomous Technology Certification Facility (ATCF) operating license. Before any self-driving technology can be sold for use in Nevada, such a facility must … Read more

The Trump administration may be the boon of Uber

As legal challenges pile up, a government embarked on it could come in time for Uber and its ride-sharing model. Uber driver Harouna Kaba protests during a September rally in New York City (Drew Angerer / Getty Images)For Uber, Donald Trump’s election may not come too soon. Last Tuesday, as protesters across hundreds of US … Read more