How Bots, Twitter and Hackers pushed Trump to the finish line

Way Bots, Twitter, and Hackers pushed Trump to the finish line Every presidential election, new technology trends reappear. Here are the innovations – good and bad – that supported the 2016 campaigns. Finally, the 2016 presidential election season is end. Polls and press for sure reason Hillary Clinton will become the country’s first female president. … Read more

The technology industry can – and should – lead the way in the Trump era

first.We need to decentralize a wide range of our efforts. Make everything local. Apply principles like federalism and exploit them to our advantage: Instead of focusing on the federation to provide us with things like national broadband, double our efforts. we are at the local, city, and state level to ensure broadband access. Make cities … Read more

Joi Ito explains why Donald Trump likes sex pistols

I basically favor end-to-end encryption. I worry that the government might intervene in an even more hostile way than it currently is. This will be a very important part of the bitcoin conversation – what minimum level of oversight would the government want to allow this to exist? Can we build it into technology in … Read more

The Trump administration may be the boon of Uber

As legal challenges pile up, a government embarked on it could come in time for Uber and its ride-sharing model. Uber driver Harouna Kaba protests during a September rally in New York City (Drew Angerer / Getty Images)For Uber, Donald Trump’s election may not come too soon. Last Tuesday, as protesters across hundreds of US … Read more

An inconvenient truth about Silicon Valley and Donald Trump

Hello Backchannel readers! This is Jessi. I believe Donald Trump annoyed the founders of Silicon Valley because they all have so much in common. Listen to me. They consider themselves the ultimate disruptor. Trump won the presidential election (if not universal suffrage) with a promise of anti-establishment, and to change everything. This characteristic has long … Read more

Trump now inherits an extended surveillance state

During his last week in office, President Obama has made some good moves for his facility. He transferred 10 Guantanamo detainees to Oman. He reduced Chelsea Manning’s prison sentence. He donated his child’s swing set to a shelter in DC. And then it was his decision to significantly increase the surveillance state. On January 12, … Read more