Troubleshooting the story of Ada Lovelace

Like Babbage, she was independently rich and didn’t need to work to make a living. But she is ambitious and wants to create something for herself. Humanly, aside from the Victorian upper-class slick, I suspect she’s a nerd, complete with math jokes and everything. She also has good concentration and steadiness, such as the many … Read more

Taking risks with chi: the story behind the Rothenberg story

Venturing on One chi: the story behind the Rothenberg story Dear Backchannelers, This is Jessi. A few weeks ago, often Channel back Collaborator Lauren Smiley tells a story about the troubles that are coming to the venture capital firm founded by Mike Rothenberg. Immediately, we realized this has the potential to become an important press. … Read more

Inside story of BitTorrent’s strange demise

Such has come into the life of BitTorrent. The company is headquartered in a gray office complex in the SOMA district of San Francisco. Executives have tried strategies, hired people, experienced failures, and quit periodically. A TechCrunch post from 2010 started, “Hmm, BitTorrent … is still there? “ The latest chapter of the BitTorrent story … Read more

Pitch Backchannel: A story about the origins of technology

Writers: We are looking for stories about the players and organizations that shaped and created today’s businesses. As always, the Backchannel team is committed to delivering the biggest stories in technology. In 2017, we explored these issues deeply through theme week. (If you haven’t already, you should read our series on Home page and OutsiderFor … Read more

The venture capital’s most magical breakup: The inside story of Xfund

That was in the fall of 2013, when Van Vuuren applied for an “O” visa that allowed him to stay in the United States as a person of extraordinary ability. He was still at the Experimental Foundation then. He was pressured in time, that November afternoon, to get a letter to his lawyer, and he … Read more

Inner story of Reddit redesign

For most of the people Perez’s team interviewed, these changes could feel redundant, or even tedious. Moderators running highly stylized subreddits, like r / GameOfThrones, already know how to make their community feel unique. In fact, they spent hours doing just that. But for Redditors who have shied away from creating their own community in … Read more