When life is a product hunt

Technology enthusiast seeing promotional banners for technology products can help fulfill his life aspirations. Tech geek clicked that. The tech product website convinces the person to strongly believe in a brighter tomorrow that he is facing an urgent problem that only the technology product can solve. In the moments and days that follow, tech enthusiasts … Read more

Everyone hates News Feed. It then became Facebook’s most important product

If each feature you add has a profound effect on what everyone can do, how will you make adjustments? We observe what people are trying to do. News Feed itself is born of tracking how people try to use Facebook. And even the reaction, one of the recent changes, is only born from observing what … Read more

Magic Leap is returning as a company (With an augmented reality product)

Looking back, Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz realized that all the hype was a big mistake. “I think we were arrogant,” he said. It was almost 11 p.m. on a late Monday in July, and we were in the back room of an Italian restaurant not far from Fort Lauderdale beach. That’s where he usually … Read more