Mike Rothenberg’s VC company is young, active and has a lot of cash. Now it all collapsed

After graduating in 2013, Rothenberg opened an office in San Francisco, determined to make Silicon Valley trust him as the head of a new venture capital firm in his 20s: more than just Youthful imitations of mature companies along Sand Hill Road, which is what he perceives as different. In a Harvard Business School case … Read more

Homemade Rocket, The Desperate and Frenzy Mike Hughes’ Tragedy

To keep costs down, Waldo installed a cockpit out of a wing-bunker tank from a Cold War-era Lockheed F-94 Starfighter, with air supplied by a breathing tank from a Boeing B bomber. -50 classic superfortress similar. But the runway alone was priced at $ 300,000, and $ 2.8 million was budgeted for top-notch technical and … Read more