Microsoft weaponized Minecraft in War Over Classroom

Microsoft Weaponizes Minecraft in War Over Classroom Two years after buying the hugely popular video game, Microsoft is using Minecraft to scramble for children’s brain space and school money. Subscribe Friday is our attempt to put news into context. Once a week, we’ll call out a recent headline, provide updates and explain why it’s important.Minecraft … Read more

The strange reversal of the role played by Apple and Microsoft

Hello, the people of Backchannel. Steven at your service. There was a rare instance of this week when two competitors were old but still active, launching their products consecutively. On Wednesday, Microsoft – formerly the heavyweight champion of the personal computing world on its software platform – actually introduced its first desktop computer. Studio Surface … Read more

Now we know why Microsoft bought LinkedIn

Six months later Microsoft has announced plans to pay more than $ 26 billion to LinkedIn, now we know more about why the career-focused social media site is so valuable. Today, Microsoft revealed that LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman has joined its board. Can’t overestimate the importance of this move for Microsoft. CEO Satya Nadella has … Read more