How Google improves itself as a “machine learning first” company

Traditional AI language comprehension methods depend on embedding the rules of the language into a system, but in this project, as with all modern machine learning, the system is provided with enough data. materials to self-study, like a child. “I didn’t learn to speak from a linguist, I learned to speak while listening to others,” … Read more

Exclusive look at how AI and Machine Learning work at Apple

On July 30, 2014, Siri has had a brain transplant. Three years ago, Apple was the first major tech company to integrate a smart assistant into its operating system. Siri is a corporate adaptation of a standalone application they bought, with the team that created it, in 2010. The initial reviews were great, but for … Read more

Could machine learning outweigh human surveillance in Apple Music?

Could machine learning outweigh human surveillance in Apple Music? (Bloomberg / Getty Images)Hello, National Backchannel. Steven here. Have fun at the end of the summer (though who is happy about that?). This week I wrote about Apple and AI. If you’ve followed Backchannel, you know we covered it closely the proliferation of machine learning, as … Read more

You can also become a Machine Learning rock star! No PhD required.

As Hammond describes, building a neural network using Bonsai has some key differences from the way professionals do it. Currently, you have to choose which tool is right for the problem, a decision that requires experience and knowledge. According to Hammond, Bonsai solves that for you. All you have to do is come up with … Read more

Get rid of your machine learning hammer, crime is not a nail

In the first day of this month, Researchers claim to have found evidence that crime can be predicted from facial features. In “Automatic inference about crime using Face Image,”Xiaolin Wu and Xi Zhang describe how they train taxonomists using different machine learning techniques to be able to distinguish images of criminals from those of non-criminals … Read more