Large cables own Internet access. Here’s How To Change It.

And it works. In less than two years, a total of $ 181 billion BAB has been issued, with the majority coming from the institutional investors it targets, according to the Treasury’s examination results. And it’s even more effective for state and local governments, which already use these grants to save $ 20 billion in … Read more

How India got into Facebook’s free Internet program

To see how important this battle is for the company, with the domino effect likely across the other countries where Free Basics is offered, you just have to watch Facebook fight as hard as it can be. how. That brings us to the billboard: Facebook did not let potential web users access the world’s second-largest … Read more

You don’t notice it, but Google Fiber just started the golden era of high-speed Internet access

But darker fiber can change this. Before Huntsville, we have only seen glimpses here, in small towns like Rockport, Maine and Ammon, Idaho. But look abroad proof that this model can work beautifully. And not in the Swedish capital Stockholm. More than 20 years ago, the city of Stockholm decided to consider high-speed Internet access … Read more

Why does the Western Mass have no Internet?

WiredWest has developed its business plan. A lot of money to build networks will come from towns. So most of the towns of WiredWest allow the city to borrow money to cover two-thirds of the costs of the last-mile networks. The volunteers went everywhere to receive pre-registration deposits; More than 7,000 businesses and home owners … Read more

New Payola: Cut down on homeowners’ deals with Internet providers

Slide from the presentation to the landlord loot details they could get from pushing Comcast to tenants. Internet access service. This “window management” is a big deal for New York’s big city; that’s why commercial tenants in NYC have to pay for terrible Internet access services in most fanciful commercial buildings.) Now, the FCC has … Read more

Forget Comcast. This is the DIY Method for Internet Access.

As the network grows, the Foundation oversees voluntary and commercial providers. It handles network traffic to and between providers; connection to main data “exchange” provides large amounts of bandwidth between southern Spain and the rest of the world; fiber optic deployment plan; and importantly, systems are developed to ensure that ISPs are paying fair … Read more

BACKCHANNEL: On the Internet, no one knows you are a dog. So how can they tell if you have depression?

Hello Backchannel readers, This is Jessi. On May 17, thousands of people subscribing to the Wikipedia public mailing list received an email titled “The End”. In it, a Wikipedia editor that we’ll call Elliott begins, “I’ve been blocked forever. I was bullied and I am suicidal. What will you do if you receive this email? … Read more