Everyone hates News Feed. It then became Facebook’s most important product

If each feature you add has a profound effect on what everyone can do, how will you make adjustments? We observe what people are trying to do. News Feed itself is born of tracking how people try to use Facebook. And even the reaction, one of the recent changes, is only born from observing what … Read more

The most important law in technology matters

“That kind of value rating is weird,” she said. “The tacit judgment comes when people say ‘trade-off’ that we couldn’t do any better, and I don’t believe that.” Franks says, legal immunity is great if you’re a tech company that would have thrived under it, but not so great for people who have suffered at … Read more

Why distribution is still an important issue in the Internet age

No way out Ben Thompsonset theory in today’s world. Perhaps the most sought after technology analyst in the world, Thompson, of Stratechery, first introduced the term in July 2015 post. Synthesis theory describes how some of today’s most influential technology companies have dominated. Before the internet, kings in any industry were distributors. Connecting creators of … Read more

Why is old trees so important to fight climate change?

Photo: Cody Cobb Lutz also needed such a large area for research because he was interested in a relatively rare forest resident; to have enough examples of that for his research to be meaningful, he would have to cover a lot of land. Lutz’s elusive quarry? Dense old trees like the great Douglas pines that … Read more