How India got into Facebook’s free Internet program

To see how important this battle is for the company, with the domino effect likely across the other countries where Free Basics is offered, you just have to watch Facebook fight as hard as it can be. how. That brings us to the billboard: Facebook did not let potential web users access the world’s second-largest … Read more

India shoots down Facebook’s Free Basic Program

The Facebook campaign is inactive. Author’s photo in Mumbai.Facebook will need a Plan B in India. As Backchannel is anticipated in our in-depth report last week, Indian regulators on Monday rule Telecommunication service providers cannot charge different rates for accessing different websites and internet services in the country. As a result, India became the first … Read more

Facebook’s tall drone is finally taking off

Subscribe Friday ____ Was ____ our efforts to put news into context. Once a week, we’ll call out a recent headline, provide updates and explain why it’s important.#### It’s been a year since Facebook completed the first full model of Aquila, an Internet-powered, solar-powered drone. Facebook plans to use drones: take the Internet to hard-to-reach … Read more

Everyone hates News Feed. It then became Facebook’s most important product

If each feature you add has a profound effect on what everyone can do, how will you make adjustments? We observe what people are trying to do. News Feed itself is born of tracking how people try to use Facebook. And even the reaction, one of the recent changes, is only born from observing what … Read more

Inside Facebook’s AI Machine | WIRED

Candela’s ad group demonstrated how machine learning can be transformative at Facebook. “We have become extremely successful at predicting clicks, likes, conversions, etc. The idea of ​​extending that approach to a larger service is natural,” he said. In fact, FAIR leader LeCun has been arguing about a companion group devoted to applying AI to products … Read more

What happened to, Facebook’s Grand Plan to convey the world?

So far, operators have registered in just six countries: Zambia, Tanzania, India, Ghana, Kenya and Colombia. Zuckerberg invited three telecom executives to join him onstage to describe how things were going. One person from Paraguay claims his company has seen one increase subscribers during its Facebook trial. But even on stage at Zuckerberg’s invitation, they … Read more

The way Facebook’s rise drives chaos and chaos in Myanmar

Tun, who left Deloitte last year, said: “They started to panic and didn’t know what to do. “He’s quite worried.” Facebook does not maintain an office in Myanmar, and according to Tun, there has been confusion about the approach of company officials. Zaw Htay, who is currently serving as the spokesperson for Aung San Suu … Read more