BACKCHANNEL: On the Internet, no one knows you are a dog. So how can they tell if you have depression?

Hello Backchannel readers, This is Jessi. On May 17, thousands of people subscribing to the Wikipedia public mailing list received an email titled “The End”. In it, a Wikipedia editor that we’ll call Elliott begins, “I’ve been blocked forever. I was bullied and I am suicidal. What will you do if you receive this email? … Read more

Ketamine Arouses Hope – and Controversy – as a drug of depression

Andries introduces music – flute and vocals without easy-to-understand words or rhythms. As the pill became choked in my mouth, I sank into a warm liquid and felt as if I had become a jellyfish-like blob. Behind my eyelids, it seemed to open an immense space. Michael called it “the planetarium”, and it felt like … Read more

Promote the legalization of Magic Mushroom for Depression and PTSD

As Todd’s psychiatrist Suggest him to start psychedelic medicine, he thinks it’s a joke. It’s not. The former chief executive officer from Colorado retired in 2006 after an MRI scan showed his spine was punctured with a dozen tumors called hemangiomas, which then metastasized to his brain. Todd is expected to die before the end … Read more