How Boston’s tech team saves the city from its annual Motion Day nightmare

At the same time, DoIT has significantly simplified license applicant questions through the system’s user interface – retrieving only the minimum data required to contact the applicant. Other payment and messaging markers – for example, “Your app will need additional review” – have been added to the interface. As it turned out, the Ministry of … Read more

For the CIA, every day is a zero

For the CIA, Every Day is Zero Day Spy agencies are not better protected than the public. It’s not a coincidence. Hello, Backchannel. Steven here. I have been watching this spiral of fear, confusion, and pointing behind Wikileaks this week to pour Internal CIA documents describe the agency’s extraordinary attack tools. Because the whole process … Read more

Why would you one day have a brain computer interface

But we have I know that? Seriously, what convinces you that we can “unlock” our brains and make ourselves super intelligent? I do not believe in our success. That is the most honest wisdom [answer] I can give. Society says the brain is incredibly complex. But before, we didn’t have the tools to accurately probe … Read more