Chat Bots is not the trend. They are a revolution.

It wasn’t until 2007, when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone, did we have a true “personal computer” – personal not only because it fits in your hand, but also because it introduces new behavior patterns. into everyday life. The iPhone is intended for use by personalAnd because of this, social computing spread like wildfire, ignited … Read more

Technologies that make us better humans: JavaScript, Shudder, Chat Apps, Concordia, Signia

Most of what We hear about technology today is a dull, backward story of what technology is doing to us: We have become addicted to our screens; all of our movements are being watched, eavesdropped, recorded, predicted; and evil forces that are manipulating us to believe that prices are down. And we should be deeply … Read more

How a Chinese AI giant makes chat – and surveillance – easy

Consumer products are important to iFlytek, but about 60% of its profits come from what is described in the company’s 2019 semi-annual report as “government subsidy projects. “. These include “intelligent crime investigation assistant system”, as well as big data support for the Shanghai city government. Such projects provide access to data. Jeffrey Ding, a … Read more