The law is clear: The FBI cannot force Apple to rewrite its operating system

Barack Obama has a good legal mindset. But he probably didn’t use it when he talked about encryption last week. POTUS at SXSW.Occasionally, President Obama takes off his Professor of Law hat and the I Get Terrifying Briefings Every Day hat. Last week at SXSW, giving general remarks on the coding debate, he tried sounds … Read more

Exclusive look at how AI and Machine Learning work at Apple

On July 30, 2014, Siri has had a brain transplant. Three years ago, Apple was the first major tech company to integrate a smart assistant into its operating system. Siri is a corporate adaptation of a standalone application they bought, with the team that created it, in 2010. The initial reviews were great, but for … Read more

Could machine learning outweigh human surveillance in Apple Music?

Could machine learning outweigh human surveillance in Apple Music? (Bloomberg / Getty Images)Hello, National Backchannel. Steven here. Have fun at the end of the summer (though who is happy about that?). This week I wrote about Apple and AI. If you’ve followed Backchannel, you know we covered it closely the proliferation of machine learning, as … Read more

Apple Pay needs to prove it’s actually better than a physical wallet

This week, Apple announced the expansion of mobile payments to more countries. But to really grow, Apple Pay needs to do more than just replace credit cards. Subscribe Friday is our attempt to put news into context. Once a week, we’ll call out a recent headline, provide updates and explain why it’s important.On September 9, … Read more

The strange reversal of the role played by Apple and Microsoft

Hello, the people of Backchannel. Steven at your service. There was a rare instance of this week when two competitors were old but still active, launching their products consecutively. On Wednesday, Microsoft – formerly the heavyweight champion of the personal computing world on its software platform – actually introduced its first desktop computer. Studio Surface … Read more

Phil Schiller on the launch of the iPhone, how Apple has changed, and why it will continue to grow for 50 years

Why make a phone? I asked Steve Jobs ten years ago today. Onstage at the Moscone West hall in San Francisco, the CEO of Apple just revealed what will become the most transformative product since the PC. Jobs clearly feels good about that. But the iPhone is a strong departure from anything else – with … Read more

Why does Apple lose shine in China?

However, Apple Music continued to distract. Apple Pay, too, the mobile payment service and the virtual wallet launched in China in February 2016. Neither of them have the success of the kind that could leave Chinese or mainstream competitors. The Chinese government pays much attention. (To be fair, though, iTunes Movies and iBooks weren’t a … Read more