Twitch could become a $ 20 billion company inside Amazon

In 2014, Amazon surprised many people by buying Twitch. Today, Facebook, Google and others have the advantage of owning live video. Subscribe Friday is our attempt to put news into context. Once a week, we’ll call out a recent headline, provide updates and explain why it’s important.In 2015, Twitch viewers watched live streaming videos worth … Read more

How Netflix has lost to Amazon in India

A year ago this month, Netflix launched in India with a lot of fanfare. The company made a conscious decision to target India’s wealthy elite and then expand from there. As a Netflix spokesperson said at the launch, “Our first adopters are usually tech-savvy consumers, people with smartphones and Apple accounts”, but then the company … Read more

Amazon is seriously dead about delivering your good stuff with a drone

Almost four years ago, in a puffy condition 60 minutes About Amazon, CEO Jeff Bezos introduced us to a secret project: self-propelled “eight-disk machine”, also known as the giant drone. Bezos assures us that flying devices will cut off UPS and FedEx to deliver packages to Amazon customers. At the time, skeptics dismissed it as … Read more

The way Amazon rebuilds itself around artificial intelligence

Wood said AWS’s Amazon Machine Learning, first launched in 2015, allows customers like C-Span to set up a separate category of faces. Zillow uses it to estimate home prices. Pinterest uses it for visual search. And some autonomous driving startups are using AWS machine learning to improve products through millions of miles of simulated road … Read more

Amazon Alexa and Search for a Perfect Answer

The approach to single-shot responses is slow enough to cover up its most important consequence: killing the Internet as we know it. The regular web, with all the boring pages and links, is giving way conversation web, in which the chat AI reigns supreme. We say the reward is increased convenience and efficiency. But for … Read more

The EU’s right-hand manner will promote Google, Facebook and Amazon

this is a a few relatively safe bets you can make right now on the European parliamentary elections that started yesterday and will continue through the weekend. One is that the nationalist, populist, and far-right parties will increase, winning up to a third of the seats in the election. The other being Steve Bannon – … Read more