Confession of Marcus Hutchins, hacker has saved the Internet

At around 2:30 That Friday afternoon, Marcus Hutchins returned from lunch at a local fish and chips shop in Ilfracombe, sat in front of his computer and discovered that the Internet was on fire. “I chose a damn week to quit my job,” Hutchins wrote on Twitter. Within minutes, a hacker friend named Kafeine sent … Read more

First shot: Inside the Covid Vaccine Fast Track

This is where your B cells and T cells, the problem solvers and soldiers of the adaptive immune system, come in. Each day, these cells are going through their own form of natural selection: growing and randomly reconnecting to produce billions of antibodies and receptors in different forms, each Organs of them may be suitable … Read more

How will we learn to sing together when we’re apart

“Matching music is played by a small orchestra to synchronize with the action on the film,” explains history of Wasilków, translated from Yiddish. More than 100 years ago, action and music could only be directly combined, not on the screen. Nowadays, since we cannot match directly, we try to remotely synchronize our screens. Instead of … Read more

How a Chinese AI giant makes chat – and surveillance – easy

Consumer products are important to iFlytek, but about 60% of its profits come from what is described in the company’s 2019 semi-annual report as “government subsidy projects. “. These include “intelligent crime investigation assistant system”, as well as big data support for the Shanghai city government. Such projects provide access to data. Jeffrey Ding, a … Read more

A Virtual DJ, Drones and Wedding Panoramic Zoom

It was supposed to be To become a magic destination wedding. Jenny Cooper and Sean Steuer, living in Los Angeles, invited 120 people to join them at Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta in Mexico – a all-inclusive resort with five infinity pools, a swim-up bar and entertainment activities. Mind includes folk dance and acrobatic performances. Mother … Read more

Covid-19 will drive the AI ​​healthcare revolution

The The Covid-19 research challenge, also hosted on Kaggle, aims to provide a wealth of pandemic insights, including natural history, transmission data and virus diagnostic criteria, as well as lessons from research. Previous epidemiology to help global health organizations capture information and make data-driven decisions. The challenge was released on March 16. Within five days, … Read more

Inside the NSA’s Secret Tool for mapping your social networks

In the summer of 2013, I spent every day sifting through the largest archive of top-secret records ever to reach an American journalist. In a spectacular breach against the National Security Agency, where he worked as a contractor, Edward Snowden passed tens of thousands of classified documents to me, columnist Glenn Greenwald and documentary filmmaker … Read more