Even if the terrorists use strong encryption, we still need it

Why? Because encryption is really a simple matter, no matter how fearful and coveted law enforcement officials, intentionally ignorant politicians will reveal the need for a Back door for protected communications. The choice is really binary, according to a variety of experts in the field. You can’t forge this way with strong encryption that doesn’t … Read more

You can also get married on Blockchain

You can also Getting married on Blockchain As an Estonian electronic resident, you can now notarize your wedding on bitcoin-enabled technology, just like this couple Credit: Rodrigo Bessa / flickrStunt wedding always makes me feel funny. A couple uses one of society’s oldest traditions, makes some aesthetic changes to it and uses it to show … Read more

New toy king

Next round: Anki Overdrive The release of the new Anki Overdrive set this fall feels like the moment when director Q of James Bond launches a go-go utility Aston Martin DB5 and said, in a smug expression, “I added a pretty special one or two …” The upgrade kit, with reconfigurable tracks, might not be … Read more

Elon Musk and Y Combinator plan how to stop the computer from taking over

As if the AI ​​field wasn’t competitive enough – with giants like Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and even car companies like Toyota scrambling to hire researchers – there’s now a New item with a change. There is a so-called non-profit venture OpenAI, to be announced today, vows to publicize results and patent royalty-free all to … Read more

Inside Deep Dreams: How Google Makes Its Computer Crazy

Therefore, Mordvintsev limited sharing any results. Earlier this year, he spoke at work about some of his theories and got the attention of a number of scientists in the global Google Research archipelago. But this time, he feels confident enough to finally post some pictures, including the metastatic dog’s face, to the internal version of … Read more