Cross digital boundaries on Chicago’s toughest roads

Dan O’Neil, the fearless, brave-haired leader of Smart Chicago, told me last week he used to talk on the phone with his parents and the probation officer, asking “Can we have a kid? This one? ” Juvenile court probation officers referred their charges to Youth-Led Tech. And once young people start participating, most of them … Read more

Is your pizza cold? Blame your food app – Not your courier

Dear DoorDash, your hotspot is not working After Postmate’s unpredictable payout, I signed up for DoorDash, curious to see how it compares. The difference is immediate: Dashers earn a flat fee of $ 12 per delivery, and customers always get a tip; it’s typically around $ 3. This works at a much more stable average … Read more

Can you teach a coal miner to code?

On Wall Street, that was a big enough problem as the New York Stock Exchange threatened the former industrial giants with delisting. However, in the mining country, it looks like this: conveyor belts stretched up like fossilized dinosaurs, with piles of black, conical coal sitting below, waiting for a ghost market . For decades, middle-class … Read more

The Hollywood Attack | WIRED

In most companies when something goes wrong, they call their IT department. But perhaps companies would instead need computer security directors, specifically tasked with protecting their goods. “If your company is based on digital intellectual property, then you’d better have someone in charge of protecting that,” said Echemendia, because your company might disappear the next … Read more

Encryption is not the enemy

“Encryption – decryption“By odder | CC BY-SA 3.0 Through Wikimedia CommonsEncryption is not an enemy In the context of cowardly terrorist attacks in Paris, many politicians, intelligence officials and experts can predict that calling for a return to previously discredited policies would undermine security. security of Americans, violating their privacy and doing little or nothing … Read more