Everyone hates News Feed. It then became Facebook’s most important product

If each feature you add has a profound effect on what everyone can do, how will you make adjustments?

We observe what people are trying to do. News Feed itself is born of tracking how people try to use Facebook. And even the reaction, one of the recent changes, is only born from observing what people are trying to do and listening to them.

How has the adjustment process changed?

Well, I think in the early days, It was quite anecdotal. The woman I sit next to handles all the tickets arriving overnight. She will contact me with the responses we receive. It’s like going to work every morning and reading a letter.

Now, apparently, it’s being turned into a much more systematic. I mean, we do a lot of international research. We have people around the globe. We are developing for thousands of different equipment combinations. And we’ve become a lot more sophisticated at developing tools to measure what’s going on, and at the same time good research and understanding.

The most important data we get is our large-scale feedback on what people find meaningful. And we, over the years, have developed ways of understanding by thousands of people every day. We can find models of where we are doing something wrong.

There’s what people want in their feed, and then what people do To speak they want in their feed and then have what people do Candlestick see in their feed. What is Facebook’s role in making those decisions?

We want everyone to have an experience they think means meaningful to them. Think of it as if you come home and have dinner with your family or have a drink with your friends and just observe what they are saying.

How sophisticated are you showing me information that is different from what you can show to others, and how is that developing?

Okay, we’ve come a long way. The biggest difference is that if you look at Facebook 10 years ago, you weren’t connected to that many people and not much of it happened. If there’s one thing that characterizes what’s changed, it’s just too much information.

Also, in 2006, it was a text wall in the browser on a web page. Today, you can move your phone around and see a 360-degree photo of the Dolomites I just took. It’s something moving and something with sound. We always want to come to this world where as much as possible I have sent my experience to you. Over time, it got closer and closer to that.

Let’s talk about the News Feed in the context of political debates right now. If you give me more of what I want, the reflection of that, for me at least, is that I will eventually see a lot of things reinforcing my political stance. Is that what Facebook should do, or what you intend to do?

Much of what you see on Facebook comes from poor relationships who aren’t your best friends. If you look at the world without Facebook or before Facebook, most of what you’re talking about is with the people you surround yourself with every day – the people you’re sitting with. Your best friend. What Facebook has to offer, which has never appeared before, is all the information from all the people you normally don’t hear and at least for me, showing more comments from sources I don’t read.

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