Reid Hoffman plays his Trump card

Silicon Valley startup pundit designed a card game to fight his least-loved presidential candidate through humor.

Reid Hoffman and his team try out the Trumped Up Cards.Last January, Reid Hoffman decided to make a game for his friends. He gathered a small group of people who worked for him – not on LinkedIn, bothering you or at the Greylock venture where he was a partner, but for Hoffman himself – and they started brainstorming. “I’ve been wanting to play a card game for a while, and it’s like, ‘Wow, should we do that around Trump?’,” He said. “And the answer is yes. Let’s do this.”
He thinks if Trump doesn’t win the nomination, his game would be an interesting souvenir for Hoffman’s tribe of friends. But if Trump becomes a GOP candidate, the game could become a useful political satire and an entertaining method of educating the public, Daily program Style. Nine months later, Hoffman’s game came to fruition, and as the election countdown shortened, he’s making it available to the public. For $ 20.16, you too, can play “Trumped Up Cards”.

“If we were to decide that the key standards for the president were strong success on a reality show and some trademark licenses, not foreign policy or service history,” Hoffman said. publicity, transparency or even detailed policies about what you are planning to do, then we should create some kind of product that illustrates the absurdity of all that. . “

Each election has its campaign memorabilia. Consider James Cox / Franklin Roosevelt’s Iconic President “Americanize America” campaign button. The rarer it is, the more valuable it is. If you happened to keep an antique car-themed pin given to guests at a Reagan / Bush 1980 dinner in Indiana, you could sell it for 500 dollars. Silicon Valley has its own range of mementos. You can often spot early investors in Airbnb, since they have a box “Obama O’s” or “Cap’n McCain’s” on their shelves – in 2008, Airbnb (then known as AirBed & Breakfast) produced 500 each for homeowners to order and serve breakfast.

History can appreciate the election memorabilia of 2016 particularly rich. And while the #ImWithHer pins or Feel The Bern t-shirts are rich mementos, they’re not as flashy as some of the products made to mark Trump’s campaign. Some of its best comes from its rivals: The Trumped Up Cards is clearly not something the Trump campaign would endorse.

Hoffman’s project is a multiplayer game that will look familiar to anyone who has ever set foot in the living room among a bunch of buddies, matching cards for the smartest combination in a game like Apples. to Apples. The player with the greatest net worth (you don’t need to provide proof; just confirm that is the biggest) goes first, in turn as the card evaluator (CEO). The CEO chooses a green card from the deck and reads it aloud. (Example: “According to Trump, the government can take away your home, but not your gun or ___________.”) Participant responded with a white card, printed with a series of ready-made responses. (Example: “Swooning with Muammar Gaddafi; annual ‘undocumented gardener’ hunt on the White House Lawn.”) In other words, as the website points out, “It’s like a meeting Standard White House press. ”

Several “Trump Cards” of the deck. There is a third card type: Trump Card, of which there are 40 in the box. They can be played in conjunction with a standard White Card. For example, one marked “Playing cards lady!” allows player to reject any female player’s answer to the hand without good reason. Oh, and you can break the rules any time as long as you convince the majority of players that what you’re doing “will help make America a better place to live than China, Mexico or even Japan! “

Each blue card has one of the four letters at the bottom and the player wins by collecting enough cards to spell VOTE. However, those letters also spell VETO, and if the remaining players can make it together, they can block the winner. (This is called the “DC gridlock” variant.) Oh, but this can go on forever, you say? Well, for light players, follow the instructions: “The game ends when most players are so discouraged at the prospect of a real Trump president that they are just sobbing quietly.”

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