Inside the World’s Largest Virtual Psychology Laboratory

Lin and Riot’s team quote a lot of statistics to show that their trials and discipline are working. But it’s often difficult for individual players – like me – to know if we’re going to encounter fewer malicious players. However, I continue to see players regularly report malicious behavior and encourage other players to do … Read more

My hearing was shot. And I hope that the chickens will help me.

Millions of people lose their hearing when the hair cells in their cochlea die. Chickens – lucky demons – don’t have this problem Too bad the old saying, “You are what you eat”, isn’t really true. If that’s the case, since I often crave roast chicken, I would probably have better hearing. Why? Because humans … Read more

Disclosure: Facebook’s project to find out what people really want in their News Feed

“If you just watch people eat donuts, you feel like, ‘People love donuts, bring them more donuts,’ said Greg Marra, Product Manager of News Feed. “But if you say to the people they like, ‘Not really what I want is to eat less donuts and maybe have a kale smoothie….’ Then we can also give … Read more

The co-inventor of Google Brain said the reason why he built the Chinese neural network

Andrew Ng about deep learning status at Baidu In order to chat with Andrew Ng, I almost have to deal with him. He left the stage at Re: Work’s Deep Learning Summit in San Francisco when a loving crowd of computer scientists arrived (throat clearing) Stanford deep learning professor, former head of “Google Brain”, founder … Read more